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Here's what you already know: Today's yields don't reflect today's risks. You need to put your capital to work but the deals just aren't right. You may even have to decide between returning uninvested capital or prepare your partners and principals to expect less-than-promised yields. For real estate investors from Pension Funds to Family Offices, found the solution can be found in the Polish real estate market.

Poland offers real estate investors unparalleled risk-adjusted returns in a European Union setting that is vibrant and secure. This remarkable convergence of stability, growth and market depth makes it a destination for international real estate investors to confidently meet and exceed their expectations on returns, opportunity, safety and transparency. With emphasis on retail and mixed use assets, Baltic America Properties provides unbiased, independent investment analysis and consultancy to owners and managers of commercial real estate in Poland.

What We Do

Baltic America provides a platform for investors seeking guidance, support, management and resources for establishing deal pipelines in the sought after Poland real estate market. Our management team has over 50 years of combined experience in Poland, being uniquely qualified to identify, evaluate and compare cross-market investment options, and realize superior returns from investments which provide a level of risk adjusted returns unavailable in similar assets in their native markets.

Independent Consultancy
Baltic America provides unbiased, independent investment analysis and consultancy to commercial real estate owners and managers in Poland. With a focus on retail assets, the managers at Baltic America have more than 50 years of combined commercial real estate experience in-country, supporting our clients with our local knowledge, market insights and established industry relationships.

Each property has it's highest potential, but very few perform there. Not realizing this difference represents unnecessary cost, lost income and diminished value. It's paying more and getting less. For even seasoned investors and experienced property managers, it is nearly always the case that those closest to their asset "miss the forest for the trees," becoming too familiar with the property to appreciate its upside potential.

Whatever your investment approach, to uncover value hidden in your current portfolio or new acquisitions you are considering, we identify the value hidden between the asset's current condition and its full potential, and design a comprehensive strategy to recover it, while remaining steadfastly focused on managing risk and safeguarding against inopportune investment decisions.


To unlock the maximum value from your existing asset or portfolio, we align our interest with our clients to recognize opportunity in each asset, employing exclusive investment analysis tools, advanced market research and confidential source reporting. To provide bespoke property solutions, we leverage our network of the leading legal, financial and technical advisors in the industry, from boutique firms with confidential insights to large international service providers.
We believe that creating value begins at the moment of acquisition: Buying Right. Many projects are often well located and have the benefit of consumer familiarity but offer hidden value not readily appreciated by the current ownership and management. We exploit opportunities in both early generation assets which are ripe for renovation and expansion, as well as properties undervalued due to mismanagement, projects which require capital for marketing and redevelopment, or portfolio orphans lacking proper attention.
Asset Management
Baltic America is active in-country with an international advisory committee having the scope and agility to quickly react to market conditions, communicate with our clients and adjust their business plan as needed. We supervise property & facility management, leasing, marketing, construction and design, SPV management, accounting & financial reporting, supported by a bespoke team of preferred service providers. Maintaining close tenant relations, monitoring tenant performance, and regular commissioning of market studies insures highest asset performance. Insuring best in class advice and consultancy for our clients, our services include:

Financial Analysis & Modeling
Design Consultancy
Market Research & Analysis
Due Diligence services

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