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Property Management

Baltic America Properties ensures that your asset is performing at maximum efficiency through proactive, efficient and transparent property management. Your goal is not complicated: achieve the highest rental income and timely collections at the lowest operating cost. To fully realize this goal requires integrating the physical and economic needs of your property, understanding its position in the market, its challenges and opportunities.

By providing a full spectrum of investment and design services, and having represented both landlords and tenants, we are uniquely qualified to recognize the needs of all parties. Likewise, with decades of experience we understand the implications of management decisions. This capability sets us apart from other property managers, as we are able to employ our combined proficiencies to maximize your bottom line. Providing end-to-end management solutions, our services include:
  • Full property services from Cleaning to Snow Removal, Facility Management to Repairs & Maintenance
  • Establishing Budgets
  • Leasing, Renewals, Escalations
  • Accounting & Reporting
  • Billing & Collection
  • Payroll, Real Estate Taxes, Insurance
  • Coordination of Legal & Legal Actions
  • Broker Supervision
  • Marketing

Moreover, our Property Management services can be seamlessly integrated into our Asset Management Services, providing you with the additional resources to optimize and leverage the full potential of your investment.

You stay focused on your business; Baltic America will stay focused on your property. Our experience and continuous contact in the industry enables us to deliver a level of service and attention to detail which you are not equipped to provide for yourself, as well as the Peace of Mind that your investment is maintained to highest standards of excellence.