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Baltic America Propertiesclients expect an uncompromisingly high level of service and fiduciary care. Integrating knowledge derived from a broad spectrum of disciplines and a wide spectrum of resources, applying tailored research and proprietary algorithms, we are driven to deliver innovative, practicable and actionable solutions, all firmly rooted in decades of know-how and common sense.
Investment Advisory

In concert with your investment goals, from a short term exit to buy and hold; we will design and implement a strategy to ensure maximum return on investment. Our primary focus is asset optimization; properties which generate near positive or cashflow, but offer hidden value. We excel in recognizing opportunity in economically obsolete assets which can benefit from redevelopment or expansion, as well as properties undervalued due to mismanagement, portfolio orphans experiencing inattention, and projects requiring capital for marketing and repositioning.

By applying what we call an "Opportunistic Defense" approach, we bring about highest possible IRR`s with equal emphasis on risk mitigation. Our strategies have realized numerous successful projects valued into the hundreds of millions of dollars, while achieving outstanding returns.

Design Consultancy

Real estate is about proper design; and design is about thoughtful planning. Many tend to see this in terms of structure and the refor in the domain of architecture and engineering; for Baltic America Properties, it is only the tip of the iceberg. While each professional on your team is keenly focused on their area of responsibility - design, management, finance, etc. - we look at how the pieces fit together to ensure that design is integral to your investment goals.


The Rubik`s Cube Effect

The architect is thinking about an award at the next Chicago Athenaeum; leasing wants as many square feet as possible with every store next to the entrance; construction is focused on squeezing out the lowest cost per square foot; your CFO is looking for the most advantageous financing programs and the tax advisor is seeking the best financial structure.

Each of these constituents are highly critical for success and yet rarely are they in alignment, properly prioritized or coordinated. We call this the "Rubik`s Cube Effect"; it is a three-dimensional puzzle being solved from various two-dimensional perspectives. One surface may be aligned without much difficulty, but the other five are unresolved. Baltic America has both the experience and multi-disciplinary skills to understand the nuances of each of these blocs, so they are effectively aligned to satisfy the overall investment objectives.

Ultimately, it may be that a properly considered added value can yield a higher gross income than will a few more square feet or a half dozen apartments; although the offset of the additional O&M costs need to be contemplated... It could be the market doesn`t support the extra square footage to begin with or the architect has placed its creative vision before your practical financial interests; although on further consideration perhaps it would result in a faster entitlement period that returns a better IRR. With upward pressure on interest rates, it seems logical to refinance quickly; however, the Net Operating Income will be substantially better in the next 12 to 24 months. Perhaps a debt facility can be creatively structured to take advantage of both situations. If this is a buy and hold scenario, planning for future expansion or legacy implications may factor into the mix.

Does this sound familiar? The considerations go on and on. Both Investment and Design consultancy require holistic knowledge of all facets of real estate design planning, development and finance; coupled with the experience to devise practical strategies. Baltic America understands all the conflicting interests and can guide you to a balanced solution, putting all surfaces in alignment. Axioms such as "Form Follows Function" and "Location, Location, Location" are superfluous. Our focus is on optimization, ensuring that you are realizing the highest return from your existing asset or properly evaluating a proposed new development.